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We can look at how cars interact with other cars our car interacts with infrastructure and us the drivers and start to make smart decisions about how to move around suddenly mobility becomes a whole other thing no matter.

How much money they have no matter how much oil they have everybody has to go in a different direction we’ve seen that changing the way we drive can improve transportation efficiencies but what if we changed the way we build and live in our cities that’s the subject of our next story searching for utopia will travel to the.

United Arab Emirates and discover a city rising out of the desert let’s take a look from the beginning we’ve dreamed of utopia a place where we could live in harmony with each other and in balance with nature many have imagined it try to design it but the dream always slipped away then I heard they were building a new city called Masdar near Abu Dhabi in the Arabian desert it sounded like an unlikely place for utopia and I wanted to see it.

The last half-century has been a pretty bad time for the making of cities mostly the natural tendency has been to accommodate to the automobile more than anything else try walking around Abu Dhabi it’s impossible you’ll take a car everywhere Dubai the same thing they are among the least pedestrian friendly places in the world they are not green by any other measure either and these are not easy things to fix Masdar is still under construction and.

It doesn’t look like much from the highway but they claim it’s going to redefine the way cities are designed built and powered master city in Abu Dhabi will be the city of the future and the role model for the world once you see what they’ve envisioned for this utopian city it’s very impressive its carbon neutral pedestrian friendly and powered by renewable energies but.

I do notice we’re going to have to change our relationship with cars welcome to master City don’t become timid e units mustard we are driving in the in the bowels of Masdar city in an electric transportation system slightly unnerving to seeing this for the first time and where are we going the first big move the architects of Foster and partners.
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