Great Lessons You Can Learn From Software

And that the number of rooms you’re going to get to define exactly how the group is going to break down you’ll just choose one room group size of three this one child in the group search for availability just get standard rooms because they can makeup to three people one of those here we have three people no children will just define one child there and you see here the the price.

There remains the same now what you can do is define discounts based on the child’s age and I’ve already set this up so if we go to just go find our rooms configuration children discount settings and I just have that children from one to eight years old get a fifty percent discount right so if I go back to my booking and I say that the age here is three year sold they get a fifty percent discount sow.

Have three people two of them will pay the other one the little one will pay and I can place my booking well that covers the key features rooms has there’s plenty of more you can do and the code itself allows you to modify things quite a bit you can modify the search Software results you can introduce new pricing rules and pretty much hook almost any point off the core rooms logic visit us on blue spark calm you can find out more we’ll keep our blog updated if you have any feature requests you find any bugs we always.

want to hear about those go to Jupiter org slash project rooms adjust post a bug report and we will be back hopefully very soon with even more thank you very much.