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this was when we had that heart bleed exploit think it’s maybe about two years old now but Cisco Meraki was the first organization fully patch all of their hardware because as soon as we identified that there was a problem we fake issued a fix and we push that out to all of our devices so that no one was now vulnerable to that exploit you can see a lot more information and rocket forward slash trust has everything that I talked about here plus a whole lot more all right and so what are the other IT challenges that are facing IT administrators today first of which there are billions of mobile devices flooding networks most of my customers.

they have at minimum an average of two Microsoft Office Class devices per user some are pushing three in even for when you think about you know the necessities people have mobile phone one hundred percent of the time almost ninety-nine point nine percent of the time and also you have a workstation or a laptop but some people who have a laptop also has to have a desktop as well as a tablet and for this you need a way to manage all these devices and when.

Cisco rocky systems manager this provides a very easy way manage all these devices as well to integrate this into your wired networking apply security policies there’s a lot of other things you can do and just virtue of these mobile devices being mobile hence the name they’re much less secure than say a desktop that’s always connected to the local corporate networksomeone.

Might take this device home there is a phone or a laptop plug it in to an unsecured Network download a virus and then bring it to the office so you really want a way to manage these devices and just have a little bit more control second of all there’s a lot of high-definition videos and rich media and content out there on the internet I mean right now I can go to youtube I can stream a k video and go to net flix watch a p movie very very easily very quickly but that takes up a lot of bandwidth.

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Nonprofit Credit Card Processing?

it and just focus your time and attention on things that you’re passionate about you love doing and you’re very good at it so that you can make it that skill you can make it grew from a strength to a genius-level activity because that’s what you’re paid for in the marketplace right genius-level activity not mediocre local-activity people are highly paid for nonprofit credit card processing Virginia some of the activity so that’s why you need to free up your time all sorts things that you don’t like. I just mentioned and focus your time on turning your strengths into genius-level activity alright so bookkeeping with one of those things for me and so I reached out to a company I send out an e-mail through nothing on the message through Facebook and one of my business friends reply about the company and I actually applied they called me they gave me free consultations and they also provided with simplify so how to better manage books and they pretty much looked at everything and they gave me the profit and loss thingy just like that and then the guy called me.

I just mentioned and focus your time on turning your strengths into genius-level activity alright so bookkeeping with one of those things for me and so I reached out to a company I send out an e-mail through nothing on the message through Facebook and one of my business friends reply about the company and I actually applied they called me they gave me free consultations and they also provided with simplify so how to better manage books and they pretty much looked at everything and they gave me the profit and loss thingy just like that and then the guy called me.

He’s like onboarding specialists they help mocked me through the website and then ladies just called me again today just to follow up it was like my personal bookkeeper and whos doing everything now the cost currently at what   a month which is not that bad football keeping um and this pretty simple pretty easy you know I love it for them to give me a call even though I’m busy to say hey what’s you preferred method of communication is an email or is it phone you know we prefer phone just to give you a little walkthrough but before email by all mean the communicator email.

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Miss an inquiry if you don’t have a smartphone then obviously you’ll just have to log on into your your emails were also offering you a very your very own QR or quick response image like the one below now what this basically does is you can put this on any printed materials such as your local advertising glass.

If you do newspapers you can put it on your letterhead your business cards now people with  Kansas City Web Design smart phones iPhones etc simply use the scan and they will get taken directly to your website they can view it on their smartphone and before I forget all of our websites are smart phone ready so the cost for all of this and basically as our website design everything that I’ve just explained to you and the first page of google listing for your keyword is pounds now if you are interested in having a website ranking onto the first page of Google for your particular keywords then what I suggest you do is if you click on the link below this video or phone either one of the landline number or the mobile number incidentally if you click on to the website and you can basically go onto the email contact us and fill in.

The male form and we’ll get back to you within possibly  hours so when I would just like to thank you for looking at this video and I hope we can work with each other soon thank you like a design company is a brand in creative studio so we’ll do everything from building a new brand from the start creating a logo taking it to the style guys and developing the packaging we have an amazing team and we have the two guys down to San Diego de mas o and Brandon up here in Portland we have-Dustin Davey Jordan in me the chemistry is there is all point we have similarities although we different ways different backgrounds we embracethat .

The Truth About SAASM Drone In 3 Minutes

you know six-month old data or two-year old data from lidar we can get out there and get you data in a few days and you have very up-to-date data for whatever your engineering or survey projects might be years. of Granada what are the weaknesses cannot penetrate water like any light are most lidar systems you’re going to get a void where there may be water another disadvantage is you or another weaken excuse me if you could not she buried items so in comparison some of rocking out.

there surveying the properties you might they’ll find buried items a lot I will not find those also in flat open areas such may be a parking lot there’s not a real there’s a most desirable cost advantage to lidar because you did such a simple area and maybe easier SAASM just to shoot one the parking lot the other in the parking lot now kind of a flip side to that we have had a customer that had a what looked like a fairly big flat open field where they were having drainage issues we went out and shot that.

property and because a lot of our penetrates the grass so well we found a lot of terracing in that property that they really didn’t even known was there even though they prove that property all the time and we were able to give them a map of that terracing and they were able to plan culverts based on the terracing and fix their drainage issues so the sort of flip side of that is even some cases where you think it may be flat but there can point to you that’s actually not another weakness of drone lidar is do have to remain visual line of sight so we have to plan out our flights so that we can stay in visual line of sight of the aircraft while we are collecting data and in some applications-some situations that may not be possible depend.

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Us today my computer guy professional IT services for small businesses and home users we make ITsimple call us at or click on the link below to get a free division of information technology welcome to UTPA I’ll be presenting short overview of some important services that are available to all students at UTPA keep in mind that all these support services are entirely funded by our IT access fees there are four types of information technology-support services that are available to TPA students they are.

the computer labs the IT service Jess the  Managed it services mass unit and the call center computer labs are available in the academic services building and in other buildings on campus the computers in those labs are loaded with specialized software that required for certain courses some of these programs are spices Matlab Photoshop to name just a few there are also two labs equipped with max the computer labs are open for extended-hours for our convenience here is a list of the computer lab locations and their hours of operation you the IT Service Desk team is dedicated to assisting UTPA students with usernames and passwords the IT Service Desk also recommend spyware and computer virus solution and assist students with wireless network configuration this is important because you will need username and password to access students resources such as computers in computer labs the wireless network the library databases assist oracle-business and much more math short for mobile advanced support hub is an extension of the IT Service Desk.

this new approach allows IT to bring our services to students directly the mash unit will be located at various-places around campus a picture ID required for all of the services provided one of the most popular resources that UTPA offers is the ability to connect to the wireless networks through a laptop or a handheld device additionally IT has deployed and stationed a wireless printers around-campus you can now print from convenience of a laptop depending on where you are on campus how do you have to give a presentation or have you been assigned to work on a group project but didn’t have a place available to prepare yourself one of I it’s muse projects the learning studio in the ASB here you have-access to comfortable lounge chairs as well as other moveable seats and tables so you can effectively work on your project or presentation laptops are available for you to use in the learning-studio finally the.

What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About Software for Video Analysis

that digital meter to enable interactive experiences video is everywhere momentum information created via video technology advancements in the last years out five years, in particular, have made it so very simple for kids to interact with video but what we want to do is we want to go away from that video being entertainment and we want it to become edutainment okay so away from entertainment and we want it to become ed do attainment and difference there is that you’re asking the kids to be able to interact with the video and to really think about what it is that they’re doing a few really quick benefits it is time-saving it’ll allow it will enable the teachers to give instant visual feedback in the classroom it is fast and simple now it’s fun and engaging which we’ve talked about its very straightforward that’s the thing.

I love the most  Software for video analysis was first pioneering this stuff you know probably early s late s it wasn’t straightforward as it is today scooters were slower memory was less-space was less so there were some real hurdles to overcome not anymore not-anymore the one thing that comes back to me from people that are successfully-using dart fish in their teaching is that the five or ten minutes that t might take you to demonstrate to students what’s going on and these awesome live examples that you’re seeing here that five or ten minutes increased the quality of the outcomes that you will get for the rest of your lessons if you do it live it doesn’t have to be done live but if you do the quality of the outcome of the lesson become significantly better my personal experience is that that is.

the things I’ve noticed the most your kids might lose eight minutes of time running-around but what they will gain is much greater understanding of the task when they leave that five or ten minutes very much worthwhile exercise and I talk about video being God’s gift to teaching or whoever your God is it exploits natural visual motor learning it overcomes the human limitations of vision that we all have and it enables the students to be able to see their own video.

Five Ways Of longmont web design That Can Drive You Bankrupt – Fast!

Languages off simplifies the1design process by putting together the1critical steps you need to know to1design websites all this is in the web1design formula by now you’re probably asking yourself why am I giving all this information away for free what’s the catch well before I can go ahead and give you the web design formula I want to share with you why.

I’m doing this I’ve always had longmont web design a passion for sharing knowledge in fact if you haven’t been to my website graphics go and check it out I have videos there where I share graphics design tips and tutorials all1for free so if you’re ready let’s get started the web design formula is broken down into five steps called the WR sat let’s start off with the dot-eu1web domination when you register domain name or if you have a domain name it’s not enough just to have a domain-name you need to create usernames of that domain on social networking websites for example if you have a domain name called graphics you need to have a Twitter Facebook YouTubeaccount with that username of graphics1TV provided with consistent colors logos1this creates a strong brand and also helps.

The ranking of your websites on Google let’s move on to our research now before you can build your websites you need to plan and research the keywords that are less in your market a lot of amateur designers built just build websites and hope that visitors will come now this1approach is deadly and will keep your websites buried in the Google searches it’s easy to do the research all you have to do is to go to the google keyword tool and check how competitive1your Keywords are alright let’s move onto s site architecture before you dive in and start designing your website you need to sketch your website architecture this is a visual representation of how your website pages will link to each other.

Quick Tips For Desktop Printers

One like that and then the spec for air print is actually broadcast of this Airport notification around the network and so you can’t really Desktop Printers restrict that to a specific device and I’ll I’ll get into later how we actually are able to do that there’s some technology we’ve developed here and then I don’t want to forget about printing remotely we still have in this solution all of our existing technology and an additional addition we’ve expanded it to these mobile use cases soda couple of those.

Bullet points that List that one is from your iPad if you’re connecting back into your cicatrix using the receiver app on your iPad right now there’s no way for you to print to a home printer if you’re doing that from your house or doing printers for desktop it from somewhere that you’re on the road we actually enable you to be able to do that and then the last point there is that from a thin client now we actually have included support to be able to print to locally attached USB printers that are on that think line so let’s get.

In there how this actually works first off you know when we talk about right printers to the right people what we really want to do is let the user easily find and use any printer so in order to do that we looked at the different methods we could we could design this interface and how we could give users that access and we decided to go with the mechanics of asocial network pretty much everybody these days understands Facebook they understand the concept of friending someone what we do is we call friending subscribing so you can subscribe to sprinter on the network and that printer follows you around from that point forward.

you can also friend other users with whom you want to share those printers or print jobs so if I know that Joe down the hall has a printer sitting on his desk that isn’t shared on the network right now but I want to have access to it if we’re both using the simplified putting.

Unbelievable Facts About Epicor Software Support.

Or on any device that’s why epic or REP is easy to deploy and powerful enough to support manufacturers growing business enabling John’s IT team to focus on more strategic projects that can help his business grow in addition with the option of deploying at the court rep on cloud means bigger financial savings John doesn’t have to buy servers or databases or backup systems or pay the electrical bill to empower all those-things at the core manages all the infrastructure for him and our team of experts keep it running.

Around the clock days a year so now John can relax again because John can now control the organization’s ability to respond and deliver the necessary support across the network in real-time access and deliver inter-department data and dashboards through multiple epicor software support devices easily modify workflows as business practices evolve greater connection across disorganization that enables staff to access epicor prelude rep via a web browser regardless if they are on smartphones on their cps or at another location working on tablets manage larger and more complex projects download the whitepaper adaptive rep and find out how epic corer can help enhance.

your business processes or contact epic or for misinformation to insights live I’m Rebecca’s and today I have two very special guests ism joined by Joe Flanagan Microsoft might know ms ms Joe and Somalia joined by Santayana a junk car frolicsome hi guys hey however you doing I’m glad to be here this is my user conference for epicor and our partnership with Microsoft goes years plus three decades a great partner fours developing software and I’m personally excited about epic or Perversion need when they need it I’d also add to that one of the things that perhaps isn’t talked about often is the fact that when you’re bringing.

These personal devices to the workplace you have to protect or there’s a desire to protect that personally identifiable information of customer data so when you join devices to your domain as an IT organization you’re able to control what goes on you can push down policies to protect that data if the device gets lost or stolen or enjoined from the domain it can be cleaned out so there’s great core security functionality that’s available in Windows.

Great Lessons You Can Learn From Software

And that the number of rooms you’re going to get to define exactly how the group is going to break down you’ll just choose one room group size of three this one child in the group search for availability just get standard rooms because they can makeup to three people one of those here we have three people no children will just define one child there and you see here the the price.

There remains the same now what you can do is define discounts based on the child’s age and I’ve already set this up so if we go to just go find our rooms configuration children discount settings and I just have that children from one to eight years old get a fifty percent discount right so if I go back to my booking and I say that the age here is three year sold they get a fifty percent discount sow.

Have three people two of them will pay the other one the little one will pay and I can place my booking well that covers the key features rooms has there’s plenty of more you can do and the code itself allows you to modify things quite a bit you can modify the search Software results you can introduce new pricing rules and pretty much hook almost any point off the core rooms logic visit us on blue spark calm you can find out more we’ll keep our blog updated if you have any feature requests you find any bugs we always.

want to hear about those go to Jupiter org slash project rooms adjust post a bug report and we will be back hopefully very soon with even more thank you very much.